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A Prayer for Our Nation: 9/11 (2014)


As a nation we face our 13th anniversary of the terror acts upon our country.  Many lives were lost and in the following 13 years even more lives were lost on the battlefield in an attempt to make this world a safer place.

Father God, I pray this morning for all of those deeply impacted by this horrific event and the following years of turmoil.  Father, I pray for those who bravely took to the stairs in efforts to fight a fire that they may have never reached.  Father, I pray for those who ran towards those two buildings in New York instead of away in a time of need. Father I pray for those at the Pentagon and those who demonstrated how these colors do not run. And Father I pray for those souls lost aboard those aircraft.

As we lift up all impacted, we also ask to remember those in uniform that answered the call of their nation’s military to go forth and fight those who sought to destroy us.  We pray for their sacrifices, their families, and for their on-going safety as this war has not yet come to a conclusion.

Father we also pray for our leadership as a country.  Times are difficult and the enemy is banging on the door at our every turn.  Father give our leaders them wisdom, give them a heart for you, and give them peace in their decisions.  For we know you are the One True God and we worship you Father.  Thank you for your grace, your love, your mercy and your actions upon the cross that we might know you and live in eternity with you.

Father we also pray for those who also do not know you.  The darkness pushes in during these times, but your light is strong.  Father open the hearts and minds of those who seek you and those who do not know your glory. For it is In You all things are possible and the enemy destroyed! Give them peace in the Cross and in your Son Jesus.

It is in all these things we pray in your glorious Son’s name, AMEN.


First Alliance Church Raleigh Ice Bucket Challenge

Our youth recently took it upon themselves to challenge Lead Pastor Shan Towns and myself to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  Well, Pastor Shan and I are not exactly the “simple” types so we took the challenge to the next level while also taking this moment to educate people on the importance of doing their homework before giving to charities.


Nehemiah: “How We Pray” – Assistant Pastor Chris Poirier